Baan Ar-Jor Museum Homestay
come and experience how beautiful life would be 1936

Our idea is to invite our guests to experience the timeless moment in 1936 so we prefer zero adjustment to the original floor plan. We use all the existing 7 bedrooms, 1 prayer room and turns all 8 to charming resting nests.

In 1936, it is quite common that the bathroom and toilet are located at the back of the house. Well! We intend to keep its tradition. We believe that your little walk from your bedroom to the toilet would give you the glimpse of such exotic lifestyle back then

The Memory of Ar-Jor Chai
Exhibition Only

The Memory of Ar-Jor Ying
Exhibition Only

Sweet Heart

Happy Family

Indigo Passion

The Prince Charming Owner's Nest

The Hongyok
Exhibition Only

toh-daeng restaurant

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