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Come and experience how beautiful life would possibly be in a day of 1936

Our idea is to invite our guests to experience timeless moment in 1936 so we prefer zero adjustment to the original floor plan & way of living when grandparent were here. We use all the existing 7 bedrooms, 1 prayer room & turns all 8 to charming resting nests. In 1936, it is quite common that the bathroom and toilet are located at the back of the house. Well! We intend to keep its tradition. We believe that your little walk from your bedroom to the toilet would give you the glimpse of such exotic lifestyle back then. Make yourself like at home & enjoy a day in 1936 in Phuket.

Our warm welcoming offers includes traditional breakfast for 2, vintage afternoon tea for 2, 24-hrs light snack, fruit & beverages in our family room & sweet turn down service. Air conditioner, alarm clock, internet WIFI, outlet adapter, shower styled private bathroom, 2 shower cap, cotton wool, razor, 2 toothbrush, hair dryer, shower cream, shampoo, body lotion & 2 sets of Phuket wardrobe.

Our complementary services; shuttle to/from Maikhao Beach (leave the hotel 16:00 – pick up 18:00) & shuttle to/from Sarasin Bridge (leave the hotel 17:00 – pick up 19:00)

100% payment requires when booking. Date changed can be done 15 days before arrival date. No refund.
Room Description THB
1st Floor x 2 Rooms
#1 The memory of Ar-Jor Chai (Exhibition Only) The emperor’s position of the house, we keep all original floor plan and adding a new vintage queen size double bed and redecorate this room with golden glitz tone that reflects the past glory of our beloved great grandfather

#2 The memory of Ar-Jor Ying (Exhibition Only) The empress’s position of the house, we keep all inches as it was and redecorate this room with a new vintage comfy queen size bed and silver tone that says much about our dear great grandmother and darling wife

2nd Floor x 5 Rooms
#3 The Sweetheart We intend to set up a romantic moment on new vintage queen size bed with pinkish floral bed cover with hand-made lace curtain. This is always be part of the plan

Persons: 2
Room: 16.8 sqm with 14.6 sqm sunrise sided balcony
Bathroom: 3.6 sqm
Bed: 1 Queen Sized Bed
View: Garden & Pond
#4 The Happy Family { Balcony connected to #6 } The sweetest connecting vintage style room ever. Sweet queen size bed well covered with colorful bed cover and decoration pieces would make a happy family ambience. The spacious balcony with the big bench allows guests from 2 rooms to enjoy private breakfast, afternoon teatime and romantic sunsetting moment together

Persons: 4
2 Rooms: 11.2 and 11.9 sqm with 14.6 sqm connected balcony
2 Bathrooms: 3.6 and 3.6 sqm
Beds: 2 Queen Sized Beds
View: Garden & Pond
9,800 / Room
#5 The Indigo Passion (Owner's Nest) The only 17.15 square meters space with 2 little windows that we choose to make it a bit more masculine. It reminds us so much about the old wooden dish cabinet at home that filled with all Chinese blue and white porcelain

#7 The Prince Charming We intend to set up a calm moment on a new vintage queen size bed with refreshing green floral bed cover with hand-made lace curtain. This is always be part of the plan

Persons: 2
Rooms: 13.65 sqm with 15.5 sqm sunsetting sided balcony and 25x1 sqm long terrace
Bathrooms: 3.6 sqm
Bed: 1 Queen Sized Bed
View: Garden & Pond
3rd Floor x 1 Suite
#8 The Hongyok (Exhibition Only) Former spacious prayer room on the top floor is romantically turned into the cheerful princess quarter. She is waiting for her prince charming to return home. Queen sized honeymoon bed is fully decorated with vintage Phuket-Chinese-Colonial style


Limousine Services

Area Service Per Trip (THB)
Phuket Int. Airport Pick Up 500
Patong Beach Area / Junceylon / Ban Zaan Patong 1,200
Phuket Town Area / Old Town / Central Festival & Foresta / Naka Market 1,000
Phuket Laguna / Thalang Area 800
Khao Lak Area / Phang-Nga Area (Sedan | Van) 2,500 | 3,500

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