Ice, a 10-year old boy had to skip school for an unfortunate reason; his mom got hit by a car that went through red light at intersection. The hit was so hard that the bones of her legs broke into 7 pieces, plus broken arm and hip. The mom cannot move, stuck in bed for months, which eventually costed her job while the hitter disappeared.

This accident effects her 2 boys; Ice (10) and M (4). With no income from mother, the boys that have to take care of her not only stave, but the elder one lost the opportunity for school as well. The teacher told us that Ice is a good boy. He studies well and takes very good care of his mom. Does this good boy have to use his education potential because of this?


Minimum price: 100฿


We cannot just help children; we really have to rescue their family for wholistic physical and mental support.

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