On that day we went to Baan Mai Khao school, the most outstanding girl for us was Kratin. She’s lively, enthusiastic, and pretty. We were wondering how a perfectly looking girl was one of those “need-help” recommended by the teachers. We later found out behind the surface she has a bit of family issue. She has never seen her mother once. Her grand mother raised her up and she always got mocked by friends that her “mother” was so old. After her mother left, her father decided to enter monkhood. So in her memory she always has a “monk” father. Fortunately, despite the area of her lacking, we are happy that she has excellent attitude because the love of grand mother is enormous enough to compensate what she has missed. The teachers also confirm that Kratin is a good student and she tries her best to be able to take care of grand mother in the future. We at foundation wish to make sure she has sufficient support for the future that she deserves.


Minimum price: 100฿


We cannot just help children; we really have to rescue their family for wholistic physical and mental support.

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