Baan Ar-Jor

Baan Ar-Jor means the great grandparent’s home. The beautiful Chinese-Colonial mansion of tin mining businessman at Mai Khao Beach. The house had served as a family resort house. After 37 years of being abandoned, the 4th generation has come back and turned the resort house to become the most beautiful HERITAGE MUSEUM HOME in Phuket, one-exclusive-room-homestay and authentic Phuket food restaurant guaranteed with Michelin Guide Thailand Award. We cordially invite people in Phuket, in Thailand and from around the world to spend a happy day in a life in 1936.

During the beginning of COVID-19, we decided to transform what we do to shared-profit business so we save more lives and focus on sustainable way of living. Now, we operate Baan Ar-Jor Foundation to solve critical problems and develop young children in-need because they deserve the better future.

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Museum Home, Phuket

A 3-story-8-room-mansion, harmonized mixture of Chinese, Western and local culture that we guarantee full of great stories and surprises well told through generations! We conserve original building, floor plan and all of furniture as well as our private collections. The grandparent bridal room on the 2nd floor is truly a wow. The peony mural painting done by our dear friend artist at the lobby is simply stunning. The meaningful souvenirs from women, girls, elderly, disabled person and prisoners that you should not miss.

Operating hours: daily from 10.00 AM-21.00 PM

Restaurants : Toh-Daeng & Wo Ai Ni

Here at Baan Ar-Jor we have 2 restaurants; Toh-Daeng, located in the original dining area of the mansion right from the start, is more for cozy & elegant dining experience, and Wo Ai Ni, a newly open extension is for larger group with livelier ambiance. Both serve traditional Thai and local food with taste and quality that earned us Michelin “Bib Gourmand” in 2022. We also proudly present special menus that use main ingredients from Mai Khao community as we are fully dedicated to support local community.

Find out more about Toh Daeng, Wo Ai Ni, and our extensive menu

Baan Ar-Jor Foundation

We accept donation from people who visit our beautiful home and also from kind people from around the world. There are now more than 100 small children in our community that are very poor, being abused and need opportunity from all of us. I have more than 10 critical cases that we have been dealing i.e., the rape case, cancer and so on that we really need kind support and some efforts from you all



Stories of Baan Ar-jor

The Baba traditional wedding

The Baba traditional wedding ceremony of the “Punte” group (Chinese people in Phuket) has been passed down for many centuries, although some steps may have been simplified for convenience. However,...

Kal, GPA 3.04

Kal, GPA 3.04: After we decided to move her father from the community hospital to Vachira Phuket Hospital in the city, he had a successful cataract surgery. He can now...

The Prisoners in Phuket – Baan Ar-Jor

The Prisoners in Phuket – Baan Ar-JorBaan Ar-Jor provides opportunities for prisoners in Phuket simply wishes that they reform to be a grateful son/ daughter, responsible parent & good human...

Let’s donate and bring good luck

Let’s donate and bring good luck to yourself! Baan Ar-Jor foundation introduces garmented bag (to help reduce usages of plastic) with design of super chic “Nang Kwak.” Nang Kwak is...

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102 The Kasattri Road, Thalang District,
Phuket 83110 Thailand


We cannot just help children; we really have to rescue their family for wholistic physical and mental support.

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