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  • Feeding Injured Turtles

    Feeding Injured Turtles

    Turtle is kind of logo of Phuket because every year turtles lay eggs on the beach of Mai Khao. Unfortunately some turtles are injured during their journey. So there’s Marine Turtle Foundation located at JW Marriot hotel that takes care of these turtles, heal them until they are safe to survive on their own. Every…

  • Picking Mulberries

    Picking Mulberries

    At Baan Ar-Jor, there’s an area to plant mulberry trees and they use it to make organic mulberry tea. You may want to pick mulberries by yourself and even taste it on the spot. Baan Ar-Jor sells it by kg.

  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    Fancy horses? There’s Phuket Horse Riding Club in the north of Mai Khao that you could rent horse for a nice ride. You may start with a warm up then ride along the pine tree tunnel along the beach. What a view to see from the back of a horse!

  • Sunset cruise with Morgan Villagers

    Sunset cruise with Morgan Villagers

    A group of Morgan people or “sea gypsies” that survived the Tsunami in 2004 moved to Mai Khao near Sarasin bridge. They work as fishermen, and also arrange a boat trip to nearby beaches not accessible by cars and it’s specially beautiful during sunset time. Contact us for tour programs.

  • Mole Crab Catching

    Mole Crab Catching

    Mole crab is the little sea animal that mostly found in Mai Khao area. Some restaurants in Mai Khao serve this menu so it’s not to be missed. If you have tasted then why not see how the fishermen catch it. So you could go to Mai Khao beach and watch them work in the…

  • Airplanes Watching

    Airplanes Watching

    Everybody can see airplanes flying from a distance. How about really up close like you almost could touch it with your hands? Come to Mai Khao beach at airplanes view point. It’s such good fun to see and take pictures. Contact us for tour programs.

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