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  • Tour 3: Good Day Mai Khao

    Tour 3: Good Day Mai Khao

    A combination of program “Morning” and “Evening” becomes a “Good Day” that presents the highlights of Mai Khao. The diversity ranges from tranquility at Mai Khao temple, excitement of airplane watching at airport, fun with mole crab catching, to romantic sunset at Sarasin bridge, and turning back. Plus, exclusive lunch and dinner with Phuket lobster…

  • Tour 2: Good Evening Mai Khao

    Tour 2: Good Evening Mai Khao

    The program starts with a little fun activity…mole crab catching. You might have tasted the deep fried mole crab before. But it doesn’t matter if you haven’t, let’s go and try to catch some right from the sea! There’ll be an expert showing how then you could try by yourself. Next is a short walk…

  • Tour 1: Good Morning Mai Khao

    Tour 1: Good Morning Mai Khao

    Excite your day with watching airplane flying just “a few feet away” over your head or visit primary school and see how students spend their days in school. Then a tranquil stroll by the lake with mangroves in Mai Khao temple. Next is a visit to Baan Ar-Jor, an 86 years old mansion, then conclude…

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