Wichai Takarnkit (Noom) Head of Reserved Marine Lives Conservation Center

Khun Wichai, or “Noom” has been head of Reserved Marine Lives Conservation Center for 4 years. The center was found in 1990 by Mr. Sombat Sae Iew (Pa Cheng) who initiated buying turtle eggs with his own money to protect turtle babies from natural or human risks until they’re strong enough then to release them to the sea. In 1997, there was correction of trawling law that expands trawling area for boats much closer to the shores, which causes danger to turtles laying eggs on the beach.

Kamolwat Napadolrungrueang (Chalee), manager at The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation

Khun Chalee is from Bangkok. Before Phuket, he’s been a marine biologist in Phi Phi, and then 2 years in Maldives where he took care of multiple kinds of sea animals such as sharks, rays, and turtles. As he prefers to stay away from big city life, when manager position at Tha Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation was open, it was the right choice since his experience fits the job and his wife is from Krabi, so he’s familiar with southern people’s way of living.

La Varee

Uncle Varee was born a sea gypsy of “Moglen” (sometimes called “Mogan”) over 70 years ago. His ancestors migrated here since 300 years ago to escape from war. He’s now 4th generation and he’s been living here since the beginning. His life is simple, being a fisherman, that he sails to the sea before dawn,

Phattaranit Wichianban

Director of Baan Mai Khao school Mrs. Phattaranit Wichianban (Van) was the first child of a traditional Chinese family and, being a girl, she felt the disappointment of the parents. Most family members work as government officers because they believe in serving the people and she was expected to be a nurse. But she didn’t […]

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