Baan Ar-Jor means the great grandparent’s home. The beautiful Chinese-Colonial mansion of tin mining business at Mai Khao Beach. The house had served as family resort house. After 37 years of being abandoned, the 4th generation has come back and turn the resort house to the most beautiful HERITAGE MUSEUM HOME in Phuket, one-exclusive-room-homestay and authentic Phuket food restaurant guaranteed with Michelin Thailand. We cordially invite people in Phuket, in Thailand and from around the world to spend a happy day in a life in 1936. Later, we have turned the business to NON-PROFIT so we could save more lives, more children and improve our community for sustainable way of living.

Baan Ar-jor House

Baan Ar-Jor is a great grand parent’s home. The resort
home at Mai Khao Beach was built in 1936 by Fujian
Chinese tin mining business man (born in 1888) for short
stay when doing tin business in Phang-Nga. The flying bat
styled building means plentiful fortune in relations to
Chinese feng shui. The house had been closed for 37
years. Since 2019, the 4 th generation is running the non
profit business for unfortunate children under Baan Ar-Jor

Ar-Jor’s working corner

Ar-Jor’s working corner at the resort home is rather small. The stationary were mainly imported from Europe by merchantman except the Chinese abacus that had been used for calculation. The irony window grilles are for safety purpose and the lace curtain adds some sweet sensation to the overall ambience. On the wall is the original map of Phuket island back in early 1900 where there was no
Sarasin Bridge that now links Phuket and Phang-Nga Province for ease accessibility.

Baan Ar-Jor’s exclusive-room-homestay

This room is the Baan Ar-Jor’s exclusive-room-homestay. The most romantic sundown moment at the private balcony
with the view of our garden and the pond. Moreover, the room is facing Baan Ar-Jor’s Ganesha spiritual image that would bless you and your family the ultimate happiness and success

A 3-story-8-room-mansion, harmonized mixture of Chinese, Western and local culture that we guarantee full of great stories and surprises well told through generations! We conserve original building, floor plan and all of furniture as well as our private collections. The grandparent bridal room on the 2nd floor is truly a wow. The peony mural painting done by our dear friend artist at the lobby is simply stunning. The meaningful souvenirs from women, girls, elderly, disabled person and prisoners that you should not miss.


Homestay Reservation

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