Ar-Jor, Mr. Tan Jin Nugn was born in 1888. His dad migrated from Fujian, China ang got married with local lady in Phang-Nga Province. His dad passed away when he was 9. He decided to go to China when he was 14 for education. After coming back, he started off with helping his brother at tin mine. Later he started his own mine with his friends. Life had been very hard but he never gave up. In the end, he became a rich and successful businessman. He got married when he was 27 and had 10 children with Mrs. Lui Hoon. He was a very visionary man, he sent his children to study in Penang, Malaysia so they could speak Chinese and also English. Then send to the US.

He had done much for Phuket including donating his own property to build school, temple and hospital for great public use. Also support other government sectors to develop Phuket so he was honored to be Luang Anuphas Phuket Karn.

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