Wichai Takarnkit (Noom) Head of Reserved Marine Lives Conservation Center

Khun Wichai, or “Noom” has been head of Reserved Marine Lives Conservation Center for 4 years. The center was found in 1990 by Mr. Sombat Sae Iew (Pa Cheng) who initiated buying turtle eggs with his own money to protect turtle babies from natural or human risks until they’re strong enough then to release them […]

Phra Preeda Pritho, Abbot of Mai Khao temple

Phra (monk) Preeda Pritho, or “Arjan Wek” as called by acquaintances, was born in Phangnga province. He has been in monkhood for 26 years and has been based in Phangnga and in north eastern part of Thailand before serving as abort of Mai Khao temple since 2012, or 11 years ago.Mai Khao temple is “Wat […]

Tour 3: Good Day Mai Khao

A combination of program "Morning" and "Evening" becomes a "Good Day" that presents the highlights of Mai Khao. The diversity ranges from tranquility at Mai Khao temple, excitement of airplane watching at airport, fun with mole crab catching, to romantic sunset at Sarasin bridge, and turning back. Plus, exclusive lunch and dinner with Phuket lobster at the Michelin certified Toh Daeng restaurant.

Tour 2: Good Evening Mai Khao

The program starts with a little fun activity...mole crab catching. You might have tasted the deep fried mole crab before. But it doesn't matter if you haven't, let's go and try to catch some right from the sea! There'll be an expert showing how then you could try by yourself. Next is a short walk to Sarasin Bridge then we go for a sunset cruise arranged by Morgan villagers. Then...

Tour 1: Good Morning Mai Khao

Excite your day with watching airplane flying just “a few feet away” over your head or visit primary school and see how students spend their days in school. Then a tranquil stroll by the lake with mangroves in Mai Khao temple. Next is a visit to Baan Ar-Jor, an 86 years old mansion, then conclude […]

Pine Tree Tunnel

This area, which has pine trees lined up like a tunnel by the beach, is peaceful to have a quiet walk while feeling the sea breeze. You may want to enjoy the moment while riding on a horse. There’s Phuket Horse Riding Club nearby to offer the service.

Buffalo Hub

Buffalo is an animal unique in countries that grow rice. Even though Phuket is not since the land is too expensive, the locals feel the need to create a home for buffalos. Here is an area where several households bring their buffalos together. You will see buffalos moving freely in that area. You might also […]

Mai Khao Temple

The main temple in the area. It may not look spectacular or unique compared to other temples but the gem is far deep inside. There’s a little meditation sanctuary in the middle of a lake surround by mangrove forest that is home to many species of birds. If a temple is supposed to offer peacefulness, […]

Mai Khao Beach – Airport viewpoint

It’s just another beach. But because it’s right next to runway of the Phuket International Airport, it’s a stragetic place to watch departing and arriving airplanes at very close range. It’s great fun to try to capture the right moments of the planes, or watching others to do so. Plus, the sunset there is stunning.

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