The Baba traditional wedding

The Baba traditional wedding ceremony of the “Punte” group (Chinese people in Phuket) has been passed down for many centuries, although some steps may have been simplified for convenience. However, every family tries to preserve the auspicious traditions to ensure good luck and a prosperous future for the bride, groom,


Kal, GPA 3.04

Kal, GPA 3.04: After we decided to move her father from the community hospital to Vachira Phuket Hospital in the city, he had a successful cataract surgery. He can now see his daughter’s face more clearly. That is probably the best thing a father could hope for. But the best


Please help me and my daughter one more time

“Please help me and my daughter one more time” was what we heard in a frailing voice on the phone from a man with glaucoma. His eye problem disables him from working while he has a wife and a daughter whose lives depend on his earning. Baan Ar-Jor Foundation มูลนิธิบ้านอาจ้อ has


The Prisoners in Phuket – Baan Ar-Jor

The Prisoners in Phuket – Baan Ar-JorBaan Ar-Jor provides opportunities for prisoners in Phuket simply wishes that they reform to be a grateful son/ daughter, responsible parent & good human being in our communities once they get out of prison. See more daily story of Baan Ar-Jor -> http://www.facebook.com/baanarjor


The children have grown up and they have no new underwear

“The children have grown up and they have no new underwear, or they’re beyond repairs,” having heard that, Baan Ar-Jor Foundation asked for donation of girls’ underwear and we got overwhelmed supports from our friends. Big big thanks for donators and now these girls have proper underwear for their lives.


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